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Who is Robert Card? Maine shooting prime suspect’s mental health issues revealed

Robert Card, 40, is a retired military officer and has arrested in the past for domestic violence.—X/file

Robert Card, a 40-year-old soldier serving in the US Army Reserve, is under suspicion for a shooting rampage that took place in a small town in northern Maine. 

The incident occurred in Lewiston, targeting both a bowling alley and a bar on a Wednesday night. It is one of the deadliest mass shootings since the tragic 2017 Las Vegas music festival shooting that claimed the lives of about 60 people.

Authorities have issued a murder warrant for Card, as stated by Colonel William Ross of the Maine State Police during a press conference. Card is considered “armed and dangerous,” and the public has been cautioned not to approach him. 

Images of a bearded man, dressed in a brown hoodie and blue cargo pants, armed with an assault rifle, were released by the Lewiston police department.

Robert Card, born in 1983, has a background as a certified firearms instructor and is a member of the US Army Reserve. According to official sources, he holds the rank of sergeant first class in the Army Reserve and enlisted in December 2002. 

His military occupation is as a Petroleum Supply Specialist, responsible for ensuring the Army’s fuel supply to maintain readiness.

Reports mention that Card had spent two weeks at a mental health facility earlier in the year following alleged threats to carry out a shooting at a National Guard facility. 

A law enforcement bulletin cited his recent report of mental health issues, including hearing voices and making threats related to the National Guard Base in Saco, Maine.

However, during the press conference, officials refrained from providing details about the motive behind the shooting, leaving it still under investigation. 

It is essential to note that the information on Card’s military service did not specify his role as a firearms instructor, raising the possibility that he held this position in a civilian capacity.

One Maine resident, Liam Kent, shared insights about Card and his family, describing them as “gun fanatics” with affiliations to right-wing militias. Kent noted that the family was known in the town for these associations and advised locals to steer clear of them.

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