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Yemeni forces release video of seizing Israeli ship in Red Sea – SUCH TV

Yemen’s Armed Forces have released a video showing their earlier capture of an Israeli ship during a recent operation in the Red Sea in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who are under Israel’s genocidal war.

Yemeni forces released the footage on Monday, a day after seizing the vessel, which was traveling under the name of Galaxy Leader.

The video shows the country’s forces dropping from a military helicopter onto the deck of the Israeli ship “following a monitoring and control operation.”

It also shows the forces raising Yemeni and Palestinian flags on the deck of the vessel after bringing it under their full control and redirecting it towards the Yemeni coast.

According to media reports, it followed earlier warnings by Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement that it would target any Israeli ship crossing the country’s territorial waters.

The report added that 52 crew members who were on board the ship were arrested.

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