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About Us​

Amandeep Buttar is the founder of our news website. She is also running successfully 2 other websites. Amandeep is a blogger and you tuber. Feel free to follow our other social media platforms.

We were founded in 2022 with a vision to provide the best news from all over the world. We segregate all news into different sections like sports, entertainment, science, lifestyle, economy, and healthcare industry. So that my visitor can visit their favorite section for recent news. 

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Today you can find too many blogs and websites for news. We provide honest and updated information to our visitors. No spam and lies at all. Building trust and the best customer service is our primary goal. Whatever we say we mean it. With best wishes stay connected.

global news

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Global news is growing day by day. All categories are doing very well today. These are the most viewed news on our blog.

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global news

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