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Anand Mahindra Applauds 12th Fail Film, Says…

New Delhi: Legendary industrialist Anand Mahindra recently joined the growing list of admirers for Vikrant Massey’s latest film, “12th Fail.” The film, breaking records and winning hearts, earned praise from Mahindra, who took to social media to express his admiration. In a detailed review on X (Twitter), Mahindra lauded director Vidhu Vinod Chopra for spot-on casting and creating an engaging storyline.

He specifically highlighted three reasons why Vikrant Massey’s performance deserved accolades, emphasizing the film’s real-life hero narrative, exceptional acting, and the power of a well-told story. Mahindra’s endorsement adds weight to the film’s appeal, making it a must-watch according to his insightful review. (Also Read: ‘We Have To Make Tough Choices’: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Hints More Layoffs In Coming Time)

Key Points Highlighted By Anand Mahindra:

Compelling Plot: Mahindra emphasized the film’s focus on real-life heroes, the millions of youth striving for success against formidable odds in one of the world’s most competitive exams. (Also Read: YouTube Trims Workforce, Lets Go Of 100 Employees In Latest Layoff Season)

Outstanding Acting: Praising Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s casting choices and the cast’s passionate performances, Mahindra specifically lauded Vikrant Massey’s bravura performance, suggesting it merits a National Film Award.

Captivating Narrative Style: Mahindra underscored Vidhu Chopra’s reminder that exceptional cinema revolves around great storytelling, emphasizing the superiority of simplicity and authenticity over special effects.

In response, Vikrant Massey expressed gratitude for Mahindra’s appreciation and recommendation, stating that it means the world to him and the entire team. “12th Fail” portrays Vikrant Massey as Manoj Kumar Sharma, an aspirant from Chambal, Madhya Pradesh, with dreams of becoming an IPS officer, showcasing Massey’s captivating portrayal of the character’s journey.

Film Synopsis: “12th Fail” revolves around the protagonist Manoj Kumar Sharma, hailing from Chambal, Madhya Pradesh, who, despite lacking proper education, aspires to become an IPS officer. 

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