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Modified Volkswagen Virtus 1.0L TSI With Stage-2 Tune Is As Powerful As 1.5L GT Trim

Volkswagen Virtus certainly managed to redefine the C-segment sedan space for the Indian market, along with its mechanical sibling – Skoda Slavia. The Virtus is one sale with two powertrain choices and a total of 3 gearbox options. There’s a lesser 1.0L TSI unit that produces 114 bhp and 178 Nm of rated output, whereas the bigger 1.5L TSI unit produces 150 bhp and 250 Nm. The latter is an enthusiast favourite. However, we came across a modified Volkswagen Virtus whose 1.0L TSI unit is as powerful as the 1.5L TSI unit.

This Virtus is stage-2 tuned, and it features a host of modifications. To start with, it boasts a stage-2 ECUremap, helping it produce a peak power output of 145 bhp and 250 Nm of max torque. The tuner has also remapped the TCU. The total cost of the remap is said to be Rs 28,000. Also, the owner has added an aftermarket exhaust unit to this Virtus, which set him back by Rs 40,000, including a custom downpipe. An aftermarket BMC air filter is also used here, which is priced at Rs 10,000, roughly.

For a more sportier stance, a set of Lenso Jager Dyna alloy wheels is used here with Michelin tyres, which together cost Rs 1.50 lakh. Furthermore, lowering springs from Cobra are also installed, which cost Rs 28,000. With all of these mods, this modified Virtus is certainly fast in straight lines and across curvy roads.

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Recently, Volkswagen has updated the variant line-up of the Taigun and Virtus for the Indian market. The company has launched the Volkswagen Virtus GT with the 6-speed manual gearbox at a price tag of Rs 16.89 lakh. Alongside, the brand has started accepting bookings for the marquee GT Edge Limited Collection via the Volkswagen India website.

The GT Edge carlines will be manufactured basis customer bookings (via the Volkswagen India website) and deliveries will begin July 2023 onward. Furthermore, the Brand introduces two new variants on Taigun – GT DSG and GT Plus manual transmission at an introductory price of Rs 16.79 lakh and Rs 17.79 lakh respectively (ex-showroom). 

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