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Jacob Elordi names Oscar winning fan of ‘Euphoria’

Jacob Elordi has named the most famous fan of ‘Euphoria’ along with revealing when the show resumes filming

Jacob Elordi recently revealed that Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio is a Euphoria fan!

Jacob appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday after receiving two Bafta nominations for his new film Saltburn.

Discussing Euphoria in which Elordi plays high school football star Nate Jacobs, Fallon asked him about the most famous fan of the show. Elordi replied: “The biggest one is Leonardo DiCaprio. Which sounds like a crazy name-drop and it is a crazy name-drop.”

He then revealed how the Oscar winner told him he was a fan of Euphoria: “He came up to me in a club one time when I was much younger.”

Fallon remarked: “one of the greatest actors of all time.”

“He’s the GOAT (Greatest of All Time),” agreed Elordi.

Fallon also asked the Saltburn star when the next season of Euphoria will begin filming. The Kissing Booth actor confessed he didn’t know when, noting he hopes it’ll be soon or “they’ll have to Benjamin Button me or something.”

“I’m going to have a bad back… walking down the hallway,” he joked.

He also said he thinks the next season will “have to go forward, otherwise it’s going to seem like a weird bit.”

Meanwhile, Elordi’s film Saltburn, where he plays Felix Catton, was recently nominated in several Bafta categories.

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