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Omid Scobie’s allegations in ‘Endgame’ could deeply impact King Charles

Royals aides worried for King Charles amid controversy surrounding Omid Scobie’s book ‘Endgame’

Omid Scobie’s allegations in ‘Endgame’ could deeply impact King Charles

Meghan Markle’s “mouth-piece” Omid Scobie shook King Charles’ world after the Dutch version of Endgame mentioned his names as one of the “racist royals.”

While sources close to Meghan and Prince Harry have denied their involvement in leaking the names of the two senior royals to Scobie who had “concerns” about Prince Archie’s skin colour, royals aides doubt it.

According to The Express, “Some aides feel that the Sussexes are somehow behind this all, especially given that Meghan admitted she’d briefed Scobie in the past.”

They pointed out the couple’s privacy and copyright legal case against a British Sunday newspaper in late 2021 when Meghan expressed regret in court for not recollecting her authorization of a senior aide to brief the author of her and Harry’s unofficial biography.

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Speaking on the matter, the source close to Royal family said, “There is a lot of distrust among staff and aides about this, because the concern is that without a rebuke from any party it would stand as a matter of fact.”

They added, “One senior figure is very on edge that this simmering problem could deeply impact Charles’ world standing. Some people are highly strung about this all.”

The insider went on to note that controversy could have a harmful impact on the little connection that Charles has with his estranged son, Prince Harry.

“Charles’s head and experience adopts the approach of just move forward and ignore the noise. His heart is certainly breaking that this incident is another drama between Harry and him without any face to face resolution,” the tipster said.

Another source chimed in, saying, “It is quite frankly a disgrace that this book has come out.”

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