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Ricky Gervais shares ‘nauseating’ experience

Ricky Gervais shares ‘nauseating’ experience 

Ricky Gervais has revealed his brief illness has turned into “eight hours of the nightmare” in his life.

“I’m not well today,” the After Life actor tweeted.

“In fact, I’d say I just lived through the worst 8 hours of illness of my life.”

The Office star gave harrowing detail about his condition last week, which left him vomiting whenever he moved.

“Severe abdominal pains, vomiting every time I moved (but only tiny bits of bile), hot sweats and chills,” he continued. “Oh, and I really want to know who planted the 12 gravy bombs up my arse.”

Following the outpour of fans’ well-wishes, the comedian assured his admirers that he was fine.

“Update: I’m out of bed and I’ve had a bath,” he wrote. “Feel weak and annoyed that I wasted a whole day, but that is a huge improvement on believing that I was definitely going to die. Thanks for all your well wishes.”

Earlier, Gervais took a dig at Elon Musk for removing the blue ticks from the platform.

“My blue tick has gone,” he joked. “I’m not sure if I’m really me or not.”

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