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10 Harmful Food Combinations To Avoid – Milk & Fish To Cheesy Foods With Cold Drink And More

Typically, you combine two or more foods to increase the nutritional value and flavour of your cuisine. However certain foods, must be consumed separately since they require different amounts of time and physiological conditions to digest. A stomach ache, bloating, lethargy, gas, and discomfort might result from eating the wrong foods together. Long-term consumption of the improper food combinations can lead to rashes, persistent digestion issues, and foul breath. You can only lose weight and stay active throughout the day with the appropriate dietary combinations. All Ayurvedic medicine practitioners believe in food combinations that are not correct and are termed “Virudh Anna”. These meals are regarded to be incompatible because they have opposite properties—one may be hot and the other cold—or because eating two foods with the same qualities may increase one dosha more than the other, leading to an imbalance.

The following list of food combinations should be avoided since they can have a bad impact on your health:

1) Fish And Milk

We’ve heard about this before, and many of us do it. According to Ayurvedic principles, even though both of these foods have a sweet flavour, their potency is different. Milk is cold and fish is hot, which affects blood circulation. Thus, they shouldn’t be consumed together.

2) Two high protein foods

Eggs and bacon are popular breakfast food items but it is advisable to avoid this combination. These two foods are high in protein and sit heavy in your tummy. It will take a longer time to digest both. You should eat light protein first and then your meat.

3) Milk And Tulsi Leaf

This is something we all swear by for colds and coughs. But Ayurveda suggests that there should be at least a 30-minute gap between the two.

4) Cheesy Food And Cold Drink

Who doesn’t enjoy pizza and coke? Despite how delicious it may sound, this combo is bad for your health. A cold beverage should not be had along with a cheese meal as the two can interfere with absorption. It could give you a stomachache and discomfort.

5) Milk And Fruits

Milk should not be consumed with bananas or sour fruits. Despite being a perennial favourite, banana shakes are not recommended by Ayurveda.

6) Ghee And Honey

While mixing ghee and honey in a 2:1 ratio is OK, using equal amounts is not advised unless there are additional ingredients.

7) Fruits With Your Meal

Your body can easily digest fruits, but your meal can take longer. Fruit is therefore held back until the food is digested and begins to ferment. Fruits should ideally not be consumed with or right after a meal.

8) Potatoes And Protein

Starches and proteins do not mix well since they require separate enzymes for digestion, overloading the system. Protein-rich potatoes may be pleasant but cause digestion to take longer.

9) Tomato With Cucumber

Tomato and cucumber don’t go together, nor do these two with yoghurt. So, we must reconsider our salads and raita. Lemon doesn’t go well with tomatoes or cucumbers either. Lemon juice on salad and kachumber salad are therefore prohibited.

10) Jaggery And Curd

Jaggery and curd can make you gain weight and make you cough and have a cold worse. People who enjoy this food combination should reconsider.

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