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Vaping Impact On Fertility: How E-Cigarettes Affect Men And Women Trying To Have A Baby

By Dr Kalyani Shrimali

Male and Female fertility can be affected by several factors. Many medical conditions and lifestyle choices can both directly and indirectly endanger fertility. Low male sperm motility, abnormal sperm morphology, genetic flaws, and other issues can all be risk factors for male infertility. Physiological conditions like endometriosis, thyroid disease, or uterine fibroids can contribute to female infertility.

Cigarette smoking has a wide range of well-known negative effects and is one of the leading causes of preventable morbidity and mortality. However, one such lifestyle habit similar to smoking, that can adversely affect fertility in both men and women is e-cigarettes or most commonly referred to as vaping. As per reports, around 5% of women and 6.5% of men currently use e-cigarettes.

How E-Cigarettes Can Affect Male And Female Reproductive System

For long-time smokers who desire to quit their harmful habit, vaping is frequently considered to be the healthier option.  But one isn’t truly breaking the unhealthy habit, rather they are merely shifting it to something else because vaping cartridges include nicotine and other common poisons that are present in cigarettes as well. According to recent studies, E-cigarettes can be just as harmful to both male and female reproductive health as smoking.

Delayed fertilization in women

Women who smoke are more likely to have decreased fertility. Fertilization and egg production may be delayed because of this. Both cigarettes and vape liquids contain hazardous compounds that can be just as harmful. Moreover, vaping while pregnant can hurt prenatal development and hinder children’s and newborns’ growth.

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Embryo Implantation Problems

Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are chemicals found in e-cigarettes. These compounds have been associated with severe female infertility and reproductive problems. The introduction and ongoing presence of these toxins in the system can significantly hinder implantation within the uterus, even if the egg is fertilized and prepared for implantation. Therefore, pregnant women who vape are probably physically harming the foetus growing within their uterus.

Low sperm quality in males

In males, vape showed to have worse sperm quality, quantity, and motility. For couples trying to conceive, egg fertilization is almost impossible due to the inability to create high-quality sperm. Male newborns who were exposed to the hazardous chemicals and vapors from e-cigarettes during pregnancy are more likely to experience problems with their reproductive systems as adults. However, female newborns exposed to the same chemicals may experience physical impairments like stunted growth and other developmental problems.

It is advised for both men and women to abstain from smoking to achieve desirable reproductive results. Consult your nearest fertility expert to know more details about the harmful effects of e-cigarettes on couples who smoke and the consequences they might face during conception.



(Disclaimer: Dr Kalyani Shrimali is a Fertility Consultant at Nova IVF Fertility, Indore. The views expressed in this article are those of the author. Zee News doesn’t confirm it.)

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