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10 animals that don’t sleep and how | The Times of India

Sponges, aquatic animals classified under the scientific phylum Porifera, represent the simplest and most ancient life forms on Earth, with a lineage dating back over 500 million years. Sessile in nature, they anchor themselves to rocks, coral, or other substrates, lacking mobility. Their porous bodies facilitate the flow of water, allowing them to filter and extract food and oxygen, while waste and excess water are expelled through an opening known as the osculum. Remarkably, sponges do not experience sleep, as they lack a brain, nervous system, or conventional organs. Instead, they rely on specialized cells to fulfill various functions, including digestion, reproduction, and defense. Furthermore, sponges demonstrate an extraordinary ability to regenerate and heal themselves in response to damage or injury, underscoring their resilience and adaptability in the marine environment.

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