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6 Palestinian-owned businesses you can support | The Express Tribune

As global protests intensify demands for ceasefire amid Israel’s escalating offensive on Gaza, many are expressing solidarity by calling for boycotts, divestments, and sanctions of Israel. BDS movement is a Palestinian-led initiative to dismantle Israel’s international linkages that lend cultural and economic support to its occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

In recent years, BDS’ gain in momentum has been paralleled by active attempts to patronize Palestinian-owned businesses, underscoring the various challenges faced by Palestinian entrepreneurs and business owners anywhere in the world including the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Israel itself.

To do your part, here are six Palestinian-owned businesses you can shop to amplify Palestinian voices under occupation and in exile.


Founded in 2009, Reemami is a contemporary women’s fashion label by the Palestinian-born Reema Al Banna, an award-winning designer based in the United Arab Emirates. From Jordanian Queen Rania Al Abdullah to Bella Hadid, Reemami boasts an exceptional clientele in the world of fashion, taken by its cultural minimalism and statement on sustainability.

Anat International

Anat International is a slow-fashion streetwear brand, founded in Gaza, Palestine. Despite frequent border closures and export limitations, Anat has established its creative force, challenging Palestinian embroidery’s perception as “feminine”.

The brand is a joint venture of a mother-daughter duo, Muna Masri and Salma Shawa. Anat’s official Instagram account also regularly posts content to raise awareness about Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians.

Meera Adnan

Gaza City’s very own Meera Adnan has emerged as a distinct voice in contemporary fashion with its focus on reclaiming narrative and drawing inspiration from religious, political, and local influences. Introduced by Meera Adnan Albaba, the label conjures tradition to subvert ideas about gender and inclusivity, showcasing the many layers of Palestinian culture.


Set to reinvigorate traditional garment production with a modern twist, Taqa celebrates Palestinian heritage by casting a wider net on the Arab region’s rich legacy. The label’s main statement is to produce an ethical, slow-fashion clothing line that weaves Palestinian cross-stitch motifs on an elegant canvas.

Dar Noora

Noora Khalifeh has skillfully merged her deep-rooted love for contemporary fashion with the rich tradition of Palestinian tatreez, an ancient form of embroidery. Drawing inspiration from her father’s souvenir shop nestled within the historic precincts of Al-Quds’ Old City, Dar Noora encapsulates the vibrant memories and cultural encounters that enriched Khalifeh’s childhood.


Spanning the hillside villages of Jerusalem and the bustling hubs of Gaza, Ramallah, and Bethlehem, Nol is a collaboration of local family-owned enterprises, skilled artisan workshops, and women’s cooperative ventures. The brand’s collection encompasses time-honoured practices like Palestinian hand-embroidery and the ancient art of majdalawi weaving from Gaza.

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