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Adnan gets flak for comments on ‘Naatu Naatu’ Oscar win | The Express Tribune

Indian musician Adnan Sami expressed his opinion on languages after SS Rajamouli’s RRR’s Naatu Naatu historic win at the Oscars and claimed that the achievement is of India first and then a matter of pride for the South Indians. The statement did not sit well with many and fans called out the singer for not giving credit to regional languages and merging all of them under Hindi – the national language.

Reacting to the many comments against his take on Naatu Naatu’s win, Sami took to Twitter and wrote, “My issue has never been about the language. My issue has been very simple. All languages, regardless of their origin and dialect are ultimately under the one umbrella of being Indian first and then anything else. That’s all!”

He further added that he has sung many songs in regional languages and thus, that should show that he respects the same as he does Hindi.

Last week, the singer congratulated the RRR team for their Oscar win on the micro-blogging site. “Music wins for India ‘again’!” he wrote. “This is such an incredibly proud moment for us all in India.”

To which, a user replied, “Thanks, but the Telugu flag is flying higher.”

Sami lashed out and wrote, “This is the exact kind of mentality that ultimately led to the partition of 1947 of which the disaster echoes even today! While regional culture and pride are absolutely essential, Nothing should ever overtake national pride, unity, prestige and flag… This attitude is dangerous.”

Another user called Sami out and shared that they’re not targeting North Indians but are simply praising a song and movie that is originally part of their cinema. “Then why don’t North Indians learn to speak South languages, unlike south Indians who learn Hindi? Stop talking about regional barricading. We never criticised north for the sake of us. We are praising ourselves.” read the tweet.

“Well, in that case, don’t dub your movies in Hindi which ultimately makes them the huge hits that they become! Keep them in the regional language only!” replied Sami. “While every language is precious and worthy of all the love and respect, you need to stop this ridiculous rubbish and accept the majoritarian reality!”

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