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Ahsan Khan talks Mumtaz’s maiden visit to Pakistan | The Express Tribune


In the golden era of Indian cinema, few stars shone as brightly as the renowned Bollywood star Mumtaz. Her dazzling presence, enchanting smile, and exceptional talent solidified her as an icon in the hearts of millions. However, what many don’t know is that Mumtaz is on her maiden visit to Pakistan and is currently in Karachi.

The legendary actor was recently spotted with star Ahsan Khan, who revealed the renowned Indian actor is on a personal visit to Pakistan for two weeks. Mumtaz is accompanied by seasoned Indian scriptwriter, Moin Baig, who famously penned Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming Netflix venture, Heeramandi. The web show is set in Lahore’s Red Light district and revolves around the lives of courtesans.

“Mumtaz is a very close friend, we often speak. She’s never been to Pakistan and we had spoken about her visiting the country. This is her maiden visit and she’s loving it,” Ahsan shared with The Express Tribune. Ahsan further revealed that the Khilona star would also visit Islamabad and Lahore during her two-week stay in the country. Mumtaz also plans on meeting her friends in Pakistan and within the local industry.

Ahsan went on to reveal that the legendary star is also a fan of Pakistani dramas. “She praised me for my latest drama, Sukoon. “It’s such a feat for me; to be praised by an actor as big as Mumtaz.” The Udaari star furthered, “You know, it’s so surreal that she spoke to me when the first episode of Sukoon came out. She’s always been a fan of Pakistani dramas and a while ago, she inquired if I was working on a project. I told her about Sukoon and after she saw the first episode, she told me that it will be a very well-received project.”

The Fraud actor went on to reveal, “I asked her how she knew. She said, ‘I have enough experience to understand what might work and what won’t. This will work.'” Ahsan further shared a video with the Roti actor, in which, while heaping praise on Ahsan’s performance in Sukoon, Mumtaz shared she loved the actor’s role in the drama.

“I’ve seen several other plays,” the Sacha Jhoota star can be seen saying in the video. “But this particular show blew me away. The way it has been picturised, the cameraman is good, your performance is too good.”

Ahsan went on to comment on how Mumtaz’s visit to Pakistan should be celebrated. “I think it’s great that such a huge name across the border came to Pakistan and has been given the respect she so rightly deserved,” the actor told the publication.

“Mumtaz is second to none and I believe her being in our country is a symbol of harmony, if nothing else. As artists, we should welcome each other. We’re all good friends and Mumtaz and I have been in contact for a long time. I am ecstatic that she’s in Pakistan – I am sure she’d find our hospitality charming.”

The Indian actor has taken a step back from the glitz and glamour for several years now. Previously, it was rumoured that Mumtaz is planning her monumental comeback with Bhansali’s upcoming series. However, the rumours regarding the same were never confirmed by the actor or the filmmaker.

Decades may have passed since her reign in Bollywood, but Mumtaz’s legacy endures. Her films continue to be celebrated, and her impact on Indian cinema remains profound. Even today, she serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors, symbolizing talent, grace, and timeless beauty.

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