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AP Dhillon pays tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala at Coachella | The Express Tribune

During his debut performance at Coachella 2024, Punjabi-Canadian singer AP Dhillon made headlines, not just for his electrifying performance but also for a heartfelt act that left fans endeared. As per Billboard, Dhillon paid a tender tribute to the late Punjabi star Sidhu Moose Wala, projecting a message of “Justice for Sidhu Moose Wala” behind him as he performed Brown Munde.

Sidhu, a celebrated Punjabi artist, actor, and politician, was tragically shot dead in May 2022. His murder remains unsolved, casting a long shadow over the Punjabi music community both in India and internationally. The rapper was known for his deep impact on the Punjabi music scene, a legacy that artists like Dhillon continue to honour in their performances.

Dhillon’s set at Coachella was packed with energy as he brought on stage a live band, backup dancers, and collaborator Shinda Kahlon. Despite speculation about an appearance by UK grime artist Stormzy, with whom Dhillon has recently collaborated, the set focused on the Punjabi artist and his music. His playlist ranged from the pop sounds of Summer High to the intense hip-hop vibe of Drip, all set against dynamic visuals.

The performance took a dramatic turn when Dhillon, in a rock star moment, broke his guitar on stage after his final song. While intended as a powerful end to his set, the act did not sit well with many online. The scene quickly spread across social media, drawing criticism from fans and observers who felt the gesture showed disrespect to the musical instrument.

In reaction to the event, fans expressed their displeasure on social media. One user commented, “Pop Artists break guitars to look cool. They try to imitate Rock/Metal Artists not realising that they break their guitars out of the adrenaline rush and intensity of playing the instrument. It always hurts to see the poor instrument face the wrath of these wannabes. In India, we pray to the instrument…This is pathetic. Do better AP.”

Others echoed this sentiment, underscoring the cultural significance of musical instruments in India and calling for more respect for the tools of the artist’s trade. “Respect the things that brought you to this stage. It’s completely your loss,” slammed an online critic while another mocked, “Bro doesn’t have one song where he needs to do any of that.”

One post critically maintained, “Going viral for your music means nothing. If this is how we show respect to the art then we are not meant to be called musicians! I am not sorry for posting such a comment.” “Being an artist you should respect your tools and instruments. Rest, congratulations on your milestone,” another post contended.

Despite the controversy, Dhillon’s tribute to Sidhu and his performance were largely well-received, marking another significant moment for Punjabi music at the global festival. Coachella had previously seen Diljit Dosanjh perform an all-Punjabi set, and Dhillon’s continuation of this tradition underscores the growing prominence of Punjabi artists on the world stage. However, the incident with the guitar remains a topic of debate, highlighting cultural differences in the perception of performance artistry.

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