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Best man threatens to pull out of wedding unless girlfriend is invited

A man has prompted a deluge of online reactions after revealing that he is threatening to not show up at his friend’s wedding, where he is supposed to be best man, because he has been told his girlfriend is not invited.

Posting about the experience on Reddit, the man explained how one of his oldest friends had just got engaged to his girlfriend of four years.

“They will be getting married next year and I was over the moon for them,” he wrote. “A few days ago he asked me to be his best man and I said yes. I’d never have considered saying no, but yesterday official invites were handed out and my girlfriend was only granted an evening invitation.”

The best man added that after asking his friend why his girlfriend couldn’t come along, he was told that there was only space for 50 guests at the ceremony and any additional seats would come at a cost.

“If it were a case of the pair of them having huge pools of family and friends and they had to make a cut I wouldn’t feel angry about it but they both have very small families,” he continued.

“I then found out that people they met online playing video games have been invited to the day and not only that but their partners have also been invited.

“It just feels like a bit of a slap to the face, being the best man and not being allowed one space.”

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He went on to explain that his friend’s wife-to-be “doesn’t like new people in her life” and that he has found it hard to integrate his girlfriend into his social circle.

“I’ve been with my girlfriend for six months and by the time the wedding comes around it’ll be pushing two years,” he continued.

“Anyways I ended up telling my friend that not only would I be pulling out of being his best man, but I wouldn’t be going to the wedding and it’s safe to say he wasn’t best pleased.

“He tried to explain it rationally with there not being space for her but I stuck to my guns, I know this may make me the a**hole because I’m throwing away years of friendship for something that likely wasn’t a huge consideration for them, but knowing how this has made me feel, I don’t think I’d be capable of giving a nice speech during the day.”

Hundreds of people have responded in the comments section, debating the best man’s perspective.

“Your girlfriend has an invite to the evening reception. It is truly up to the couple on who they wish attends the morning portion and watching them tie the knot,” wrote one person.

“Push your ego aside and have a conversation with the groom. Explain how you feel and talk it out. Lastly, you have over a year to work through this issue and deliver a speech,” added another.

One put simply: “There are certain obligations bestowed on a best man and showing up feels like the bare minimum.”

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