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Celebrity Inspired Trendy Kurta Styles to Ace Your Spring-Summer Look

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Last Updated: March 04, 2023, 21:19 IST

A straight kurta stands tall for being the best option in any circumstance, whether you’re hurrying to work in the morning or cuddling at home.

Although there are countless design fads that come and go, a kurta remains an essential piece of Indian clothing. Why not explore some styling tips, then?

Innumerable fashion trends may come and go, but a kurta stays a staple to the Indian wardrobe. And why not? After all, it is much more than just being one of the much-loved traditional ensembles. From keeping you ahead of the style game, complementing every body type to being the most versatile sartorial pick, choosing a kurta for any occasion can never go wrong. But when we say kurta a usual image of a cloth with side slits comes to mind. However, one needs to know that there is a lot more to it. As we experience a blissful spring season, we really got you covered to stay ahead of the trend game. Therefore, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the trendy styles to ace your spring-summer look:

Believe it or not, a palazzo set is truly a saviour. Apart from being the comfiest it truly gives you the stature you desire the most. Whether rushing for work in the morning or snuggling at your home, a straight kurta stands tall for being ideal for any situation.

One of the chicest styles when we talk about kurta, the kaftan kurta will keep you party ready. Kaftan style kurta is simply stunning when people with petite figures are looking to add more broadness to their look. The best part is that you can pair it with the choice of your bottoms. Baggy trousers, palazzo, leggings, or tights, each and everything will rock your look to perfection.

Trends will come and go, but chikankari work is here to stay for generations to come. And why not? It’s truly near to impossible to match its royalty. The amazing thing is that chikankari work is available in all forms. Be it straight fit, A-line, Anarkali, or asymmetrical style, chikankari looks priceless in anything and everything.

Not every day do you get to see floor-touching shirt-style kurta. Well, they are absolutely on point to amp up the drama on any occasion. Plus middle slits give you the required height. Also, nothing can be better than a bright yellow to give that perfect spring-season vibe. It’s better to add contrast to the bright colour palettes than opt for matching bottoms.

Another style to add to your wardrobe this spring season is with a skirt. When you choose a skirt, it is better to opt for a short kurta atop it. Also, nothing goes wrong in adding colour to your look.

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