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INFANTICIDE? Russian doctors find needle in 80-year-old woman’s brain in Sakhalin

Cranial CT scan showing the sewing needle in the brain.—research gate/file

In a startling revelation, Russian doctors discovered an inch-long needle in the brain of an 80-year-old woman in Russia’s Far East after it was found in a CT scan conducted by medical professionals in Moscow on Wednesday.

Doctors speculate that this elderly woman may have been the victim of a failed infanticide attempt by her parents. 

They have opted not to attempt the removal of the needle, as it could potentially worsen her condition.

The local health department in the remote Russian region of Sakhalin shed light on the historical context, suggesting that such cases were not uncommon during years of famine, like World War II.

It appears that her parents likely resorted to this method to conceal evidence of the crime due to food shortages and dire poverty prevalent across the Soviet Union during the war.

Remarkably, the needle had penetrated her left parietal lobe but did not have the intended fatal effect, allowing the girl to survive.

Astonishingly, the patient had never complained of headaches resulting from this long-standing injury, and her overall condition is not currently considered life-threatening.

The attending physician continues to monitor her condition closely.

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