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Internet reacts to Shoaib Malik, Sana Javed’s marriage | The Express Tribune

Congratulations are in order for cricketer Shoaib Malik and actor Sana Javed, who have tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. The newlyweds took to social media and announced their marriage. Malik and Javed shared two pictures from their wedding ceremony. “Alhamdullilah,” the post’s caption read. “And We created you in pairs.” Clad in colour-coordinated ensembles, the couple embrace each other.

The sudden and unexpected move understandably blew up and spread like wildfire. Malik, who was married to former tennis star Sania Mirza, and Javed, who was married to singer Umair Jaswal, announced the news abruptly on a Saturday morning, and it seems to be hard to digest for many.

“Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed are married now,” said one fan on X. “This is going to blow up the internet today.” Another remarked, “Shoaib Malik got married again but King Babar hasn’t married yet,” adding a GIF of a pensive John Cena. Yet another X user stated, “Did Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed really get married? This is why Malik Sahab was supporting Sana from the front when half the showbiz was speaking out against her.”

An infuriated and inconsolable user of the site formerly known as Twitter penned, “Humans are truly ungrateful. Sania Mirza – Shoaib Malik, felt like a dream couple. Created controversy in the entire India and fought to get together and now he marries Sana Javed after rumours of separation between him and Sania. It’s their personal matter but kind of heartbreaking.”

Another angered X user remarked, “That woman (Sania) legit opposed her entire nation and married you (Shoaib). People questioned her national commitment and called her names. People spewed hate on her and continued to do so just because she married. And you cheat on her like this. Wow, man. Wow. Men.” One user even pointed out how Sana had changed her name to Sana Shoaib Malik after the announcement.

One eagle-eyed fan shared, “Now I know why Shoaib Malik was so enthusiastic in Jeeto Pakistan.” Another X user joked, “Where did you guys first meet: Jeeto Pakistan – Ramzan transmission.” Even those across the border were infuriated. One X user said, “Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik marries again, leaving Indian tennis player Sania Mirza by giving her triple talaq. A reminder to Indian women to not fall for these guys.”

As the story unfolds further, one can assume that people may just have a lot more to say, given the absolute chaos and confusion the wedding post has caused.

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