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Nausheen Shah slams trolls attacking Minal Khan | The Express Tribune

From Zara Noor to Asim Azhar, many Pakistani celebrities have gone vocal about being body shamed. The practice of passing judgmental comments on someone’s weight or looks remains all too common, especially in online spaces. Trolls, empowered by distance and anonymity, often target celebrities while the latter are expected to ignore and move on.

Pakistani actor-model Minal Khan is the latest to be attacked for her weight. Married to actor Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, the celebrity couple welcomed their first child in November, 2023. However, Minal’s latest Insta pictures have drawn hateful trolls criticising the actor for her postpartum weight.

At a transformative period meant for recovery and understanding, Minal’s experiences with body shaming display a highly insensitive regard for her entry into motherhood. While few celebs choose to confront online vitriol, the Ishq Hai actor has found unequivocal support in fellow actor Nausheen Shah.

The Chikkar actor took to Instagram comments under Minal’s post with a candid note slamming trolls and haters. “You look so beautiful,” Nausheen began. “Please take your time and enjoy your life.” Addressing the barrage of distasteful comments, she continued, “Guys, she just gave birth to a baby, leave her alone please.”

Nausheen went on to question the blatant disregard for each other’s emotions. “Since when have we become this insensitive and pathetic? Only God knows what a woman goes through in her 9 months of pregnancy. It really hurts when people say mean things, it really does,” she insisted.

The Bebasi actor specifically called out women who were berating Minal and iterated the need for sisterhood. Nausheen commented, “When will we start seeing more women support each other? People have no fear of God left in them. Stop body shaming a mother…becoming one is not a joke, I’m sure many women will agree with me.”

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