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Palace breaks silence on Kate Middleton health conspiracy theories on social media

The Palace has broken its silence over unfounded conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s health being shared on social media.

The Princess of Wales, 42, was seen for the first time in public two days ago after she was admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery in January for an unspecified condition. Gossip website TMZ snapped the princess in an Audi 4×4 near Windsor, alongside her mother Carole Middleton.

The exact details of the princess’s condition have not been revealed but the Palace said previously it was not cancer-related, and that Kate wished her personal medical information to remain private.

Kate has been recovering after medical treatment

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Her absence from the public eye, and Prince William performing fewer public duties in recent weeks, has sparked a series of unfounded conspiracy theories online that speculated on the royal’s whereabouts.

Referring to William, a royal spokesperson told People magazine: “His focus is on his work and not on social media.”

The Independent has reached out to Kensington Palace for comment. Previously the palace has said the princess is “doing well”.

It comes as Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith, sister to her mother Carole Middleton, hit out at Meghan Markle in the Celebrity Big Brother house on Tuesday night.

Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith describes first time he met Prince William

(GB News/ITV)

He said: “I have a feeling that Harry was really, really loved. When they were a threesome – so Kate, William and Harry – they looked really comfortable together.

“Then suddenly there’s an extra dynamic that comes in, puts a stick in the spokes, and creates so much drama that I don’t genuinely think was there – and rewrote the history and saying how unhappy he was. And I just don’t think that’s fair.

“You can’t throw your family under the bus, write books about it, and then expect to be invited around for Christmas.”

The 58-year-old also mentioned in conversation with Sharon Osbourne that he hoped Harry would return to the UK and that he thought the nation would ‘forgive him’.

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