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Kim Kardashian’s spooky home decor and custom haunted house for Halloween revealed

Kim Kardashian is turning heads in her neighborhood with the spookiest house on the block as she’s gone all out with her Halloween decorations this year. 

The SKIMS founder, who made headlines with her new nipple bra launch, treated her followers to a tour of her home’s eerie transformation on her Instagram Stories last Friday.

She explained, “These are all my kids’ hands and our friends. We plastered all of our hands.” Kim even playfully pointed out her own hand, the one “with the nails,” and her chef’s hand, humorously noting, “the one with the knife.”

The Halloween spirit permeated her entire property, with the entrance adorned by skeletal trees and a walkway framed by an arch of skulls, creating a truly chilling ambiance. 

Kim’s creative and spine-tingling Halloween decorations have certainly set the bar high for seasonal home transformations.

Continuing with the catacomb theme, Kim Kardashian offered a glimpse inside her Halloween-themed house, revealing a spooky and captivating transformation. 

As she walked into her residence, she excitedly shared, “And then when you get inside, there’s even more.”

The entryway, painted in a cream hue, featured fabric drapes suspended from various points on the ceiling, creating an intricate spiderweb effect. 

Another archway adorned with bone motifs added to the eerie ambiance. Kim, a mother of four, then guided her 364 million Instagram followers on a journey through her spine-chilling hallway.

The extended passage was flanked by hooded figures, their appearance truly terrifying, and the flickering of electric candles added to the eerie ambiance.

 Kim couldn’t help but jest about the spooky atmosphere, noting, “These guys are pretty scary at night.” She also cheekily added, “Pretty creepy.”

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