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Near-Zero Degree Temperature in Tamil Nadu Town Ooty – Impact on Agriculture and Health | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Ooty is currently experiencing a sudden drop in temperatures, leading to an unprecedented climatic phenomenon. Residents are struggling with the intense cold, and agriculture is being adversely affected by these unseasonal conditions.
The usually lush green lawns are now covered in frost, and dense fog has significantly impacted visibility. As a result, people are facing health issues due to the dipping mercury.This cold and dry spell is typically experienced during November-December, according to locals. To combat the cold, many locals are resorting to sitting around bonfires for warmth.
Official data revealed that Kanthal and Thalaikuntha in Ooty recorded temperatures of 1 degree Celsius, while the Botanical Garden registered 2 degrees Celsius. Sandynallah was relatively warmer at 3 degrees Celsius. The sudden drop in temperature has raised concerns among residents and environmental activists.
V Sivadas from the Nilagiri Environment Social Trust (NEST) attributed this change to global warming and the El Nino effect. He said, “The onset of the cold is delayed and such a climatic change is a big challenge to the Nilgiris and study should be conducted about this.”
The local tea plantation, which is a major industry in the area, is also facing difficulties. Heavy rains in December, followed by the cold weather, have negatively impacted tea production. R Sukumaran, the secretary of a local tea workers union, expresses concerns about the potential long-term effects on production. Vegetable farmers, particularly those growing cabbages, are also feeling the impact of the weather.
N Ravichandran, a government employee, expressed the challenges of leaving home early for work in the cold weather. Despite wearing appropriate clothing to stay warm, driving two-wheelers remained a daunting task, resulting in health issues like breathing difficulties, severe headaches, and fever.

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