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Prince Harry banking on identity as a victim to make family saga news worthy

Prince Harry warned his bid to stay the ‘victim’ of royal rifts is only working to make King Charles a ‘more human figure’.

This admission has been issued by writer professor Pauline Maclaran in a piece for the New Zealand Herald.

In it, she warned, “The more Harry criticises them, the more his popularity falls.”

“To recover, he will have to find a clearer brand narrative of his own, one that doesn’t depend on resentment of the royals and playing the victim role in the family saga.”

Mainly because “The term soap opera is frequently used in a derogatory sense, but this application is unfair. Soap operas deal with human life in all its richness, often focused around events such as births, weddings and funerals.”

“For this reason, the idea of the soap opera effect in the royal family brand is not necessarily a bad thing. It helps to humanise them and to bring an emotional value to their public.”

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