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Sara Ali Khan Enjoys Maggi In Kedarnath, Gets Nostalgic

Happiness is a bowl of Maggi. Agree, right? It won’t be wrong to say that Maggi is more than just noodles. It’s an emotion. Be it the midnight cravings or a day when we don’t want to cook, these 2-minute noodles are our go-to options. Oh, and, Sara Ali Khan can relate to this. The actress, who was in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, has shared a video from her amazing time in the hills. Sara also revisited the places she had been to at the time of shooting for her debut film Kedarnath. In the video, Sara is seen relishing a plate of Maggi and narrating a scene. She also visited a chai ki tapri. The clip ends with Sara enjoying a wholesome meal prepared on mitti ka chula. What was on the menu? Paratha with green chilli pickles and rajma. Sara added, “The paratha is yummy and rajma is so amazing.” 

Here is the video we are talking about:

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Wait, what? Just like us, you are also craving for Maggi. We don’t blame you for that. To make your Sunday a happy one, we have hand-picked some of the finest recipes. 

1.Punjabi Tadka Maggi

Who said tadka is only restricted to dals? Presenting, our favourite Punjabi tadka Maggi. It’s time to give that masaledar twist to the noodles with this amazing recipe. Click here.

2. Street-Style Cheese Maggi Recipe

How much cheese is too much cheese? It’s never enough. When the gooey cheese blends with the magic masala it gives you a delicious bowl of noodles. We think it is a must-try. Recipe inside

3. Maggi Italiano (Our favourite)

The perfect mix of oregano, chilli flakes and basil with vegetables of your choice will take the taste buds on a flavourful ride. So are you ready for the Italian twist? Click here.

Maggi can be flavoured with lots of spices and vegetables. 

4. Makhni Maggi

Another desi version of Maggi is waiting for your attention. All you need to do is prepare a tomato-based gravy loaded with spices and add noodles to it. That’s all. Recipe is here.

5.Chinese Maggi Masala

Oh yes, we have an Indo-Chinese version of Maggi too. The dish is a hot favourite on the streets of Mumbai. Now, you can make it at home and surprise everyone. Recipe inside

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