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The Crown: Princess Diana’s phantom rendition hurtful to Prince Harry, Prince William

Princess Diana was reimagined as a ghost in the Netflix show

Netflix’s The Crown was called out for its ‘tacky’ reimagination of the late Princess Diana as a ghost.

As per royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, while speaking to Express, the move to bring the Princess of Wales on screen in the form on a ghost was ‘simply ridiculous’ as it would likely have had a negative impact.

“It was never tasteful to bring The Crown so close to the present day, especially as this meant covering the period of Diana’s death and the public reaction to it,” he said.

“It was always going to be extremely controversial and very hurtful to those close to her, especially Princes William and Harry.”

The expert went on to call out the show creator Peter Morgan and said that his move to give her an ‘unorthodox appearance’ was nothing less than problematic.

“Morgan is a skilled dramatist and knows how tacky the idea of Diana’s ghost is.

“He calls her somewhat unorthodox appearances as a ghost giving her ‘special treatment narratively’.”

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