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There are 6 ‘extraordinary’ types of kids, says psychologist—how parents can raise them to be successful

Every parent is capable of raising happy, healthy and emotionally grounded kids. But many struggle along the way.

In my two decades of experience as a child psychologist, I’ve found that when parents aren’t attuned to their child’s temperament and unique traits, they fail to honor and celebrate their kid’s authentic self.

There are six most extraordinary and gifted types of kids. Your child may be more of one than the others, or a mix of all. Knowing their type will strengthen your relationship with each other and help them understand themselves better.

1. The Anxious Exploder

2. The Hyperactive Explorer

3. The Overpleaser

4. The Dreamer-Recluse

5. The Rebel Nonconformist

6. The Happy-Go-Lucky

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