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Viral Video: Angry Food Delivery Rider Attacks Restaurant Staff While Picking Order

We have heard numerous heart-warming stories of food delivery executives – how they work against the odds to do their job and deliver our food under all circumstances. We have seen some of them going out of their way to help customers. So, this report came as quite a shock. A food delivery rider went rogue at a restaurant he visited to pick up a food order for a customer. He even attacked the staff by throwing things at them. All this was captured in the CCTV camera installed inside the restaurant, the video of which was posted on Facebook by the eatery. The video is viral now.

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The incident happened in a cafe named Fumi Honey House in Penang, Malaysia on March 29, 2023. The cafe narrated the entire episode in the caption of the video. According to a report in ‘therakyatpost’ (TRP), Fumi Honey House had received a food order from the Foodpanda delivery app. But when 30 minutes had passed without any sight of the delivery person, they reported it to the app and assigned another rider. However, the originally assigned rider showed up with a friend after 45 minutes and got furious with his cancelled assignment. 

Watch the viral video here:

The viral video has clocked over 480k views, 3k+ likes and thousands of comments. The video shows that after a heated argument, the rider threw a drink kept on the counter at a female staff in a fit of rage. When another employee intervened, he threw the cafe’s menu at her. 

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Fumi Honey House clarified that they had to get the rider replaced as they feared the customer might complain about the delay. The cafe also revealed that they had reported the incident to Foodpanda but also found out that some of the riders were still delivering food using a different identity.

According to some latest reports, the rider has been arrested now. 

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