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Viral Video: Internet Disapproves Of The Latest Food Experiment ‘Kaju Katli Bhajiyas’

Who doesn’t love fritters? Crispy from the outside and a blast of flavours from the inside, ‘pakodas‘ or ‘bhajiyas‘ are one of the much-loved snacks for any Indian foodie. Be it during the rainy season or right after a long day with a cup of tea, pakodas are a one-stop solution for those hunger pangs. The best part about fritters is the fact that they are versatile and can be made out of a variety of ingredients. But little did we ever think that we would come across sweet fritters made out of ‘Kaju Katli‘. Yes, you read that right. A video is making rounds on the internet, wherein a woman can be seen preparing ‘Kaju Katli Bhajiya‘. The video was shared by a user on X (formerly Twitter) with the handle @MFuturewala. The clip begins with a woman, standing with a paste made of besan (chickpea flour). She reaches out for kaju katli kept in a box, dips and coats the sweet in the chickpea flour paste and puts it in the hot oil. While the clip concludes even before we can see the final result, we are still wondering if this is a dessert or a snack. The text along with the clip reads, “Anyone for Kaju Katli Bhajiyas???”

Watch the full video here:

Social media users flooded the comments section with their reactions to this food experiment. Many expressed their empathy towards the kaju katli, as a user wrote, “What a waste of that delicious katli.”

Another called it, “Bizzare!!!”

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A comment read, “Hard pass. But I’ll consider ripping the batter off to recover the sweet because it’s my favourite.”

Another wrote, “This should have come with a content warning.”

A user revealed that he has already tried sweet fritters made of dates. He wrote, “I heard about khajur (dates) bhajiya that’s the sweetest bhajiya I have tried.”

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The post also sparked a meme fest in the comments section.

Would you like to try this ‘kaju katli bhajiya’? Share with us in the comments section.

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